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11 Annual Black CIO Government Technology
         & Steam Education Conference 2024 
                           SEPTEMBER 26th,2024 


Conference Themes:

  • Establish Pennsylvania Cybersecurity commission

  • Cybersecurity and infrastructure & Regional Locations
  • Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus on the Hill
  • Stream Pathway to the Future with Technology HBCU
  • Stream Programing in Historic HBCU 

The Conference


Cybersecurity & Ransomware 

Data security is the top concern for CIOs. This session consist of an overview of the latest hacker trends, data targets and system breaches. Emerging technologies that can quickly identify and stop security breaches are also a part of this session.

Cloud Computing

As more companies migrate to cloud and virtual computing solutions some fundamental challenges exist. This session will evaluate current trends in cloud service offerings and discuss the issues that come with operating in cloud hosted environments.

STEM Education

STEM Education is the key to creating a workforce that can take advantage of jobs created by technology. This session will focus on cost, career earning potential and skill-sets needs to support and grow emerging technologies. And the growth to prepare the change of tomorrow technology for our new Tech. students. 

PhiladelphiaTechnology Conference

A Full Day of Powerful Sessions
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07:30 am

The Global, CIO  Government Technology will bring together leading CIOs, CISOs, and Business professionals and government IT executives from across the U.S. and global to confront and overcome current industry issues, cybersecurity, education,  and cloud computing. This event will explore critical topics and challenges currently impacting government and business agencies, and emerging technologies that will resolve the issues.

The goal of the Global CIO Government Technology Conference is to create an Global Smart City  environment for public and private sector executives can explore IT challenges and identify strategies to address short, medium and long term goals.

                                              Smart Cities are here.

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Speakers, Moderators, & Panelist



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Past Events

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